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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise  NBC  February 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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strong storms in southern brevard, we are continuing to watch. last thing i want to show y ou, the storms are gone by about 7:00. this is only something we are dealing with for about another hour. even the rain will be gone. we will get some sunshine as we head through the rest of the day. by noon, all is quiet and calm. it is basically just this morning we are dealing with the storms. eric: they have not canceled the warning, so they are probably going to go ahead and let it expire. we are watching strong wind head into melbourne and communities around melbourne. that is certainly good news. if you live around lake washington, these are communities that are going to be
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look at the line of storms knocking on your doorstep. we are going to be continuing to monitor this all morning long. a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for brevard county until 5:45. the tornado warning has been allowed to expire. announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. jason: it is 5:00 a.m.. our weather team has been on air covering tornado warnings for several of our local counties. michelle: busy morning. jason: thanks for joining us. michelle: severe thunderstorms moving across southern brevard county. we want to get right back to amy and eric. amy: tornado watch in effect until 8:00 this morning.
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the lightning is intense, the rain is intense and we have had some twisting with the winds in central florida. a tornado warning was in effect until 5:00 a.m.. brevard and osceola still remain under a tornado watch, which is still possible. the strongest threat has come to an end. some counties have been dropped from the tornado watch. that whole line is pushing through. showers and thunderstorms including those gusty winds still making their way through southern brevard county. once this line gets through, we will be done with a threat for severe weather and just be dealing with lingering showers across central florida. a severe warning is in a fact for southern brevard county, however our tornado warning has expired. no tornado warnings in effect. the storm has actually weekend
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severe thunderstorm warning to the south. keep in mind it is for brevard county. it includes the palm bay area and west melbourne. this is moving north and east at 30 miles per hour. i am going to track this for you and show you where this is headed. heavy rain into melbourne and palm bay, moving to the north and east. 35 miles per hour. putting that box on might have messed with my hand tracking so we will come back to that. here is where the storm is headed. satellite beach by 5:13, indian harbour beach at 5:14 and valkaria at 5:27. severe thunderstorm warning until 5:45. we have had wind inside this
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no twisting happening right now but certainly strong winds. we have a little bit of light rain in a few spots. northern brevard, the rest of us have already cleared out the rain and we are done with rain across central florida. showers, storms, severe thunderstorm warning just this morning. through the rest of your day, we are going to have clouds, son, and we will be rain free and warm. thank you. michelle: alex, you are on the roadways were -- driving in some rain. alex: we are on our way to brevard county. you can see the rain coming down, settling here. you are looking through the windshield of our live truck as with our driving along. it hasn' t affected anybody' s speed.
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lit up by lightning a couple times on our drive here. we have wipers going at full right now. we are heading to see what kind of damage might have been caused by the storm. michelle: thank you so much. wet roads are going to be a problem all morning long. jason: a couple of crashes on i-4, one at fairbanks, another down by disney. no lanes blocked. take it slow this morning. we are going to be monitoring traffic and bring it to you. michelle: all this rain is part of the same system that delivered this damaging tornado up north. jason: the apparent western -- twister cut through the panhandle. brett: mississippi, alabama, and florida all reporting damage. you can see degree left behind after the storm touched down in
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alabama florida border. a twister hit in the panhandle. hundreds are now without power as residents are stuck cleaning up the mess. homes and apartments badly hit along with cars, power lines down, and that is sending a ripple effect. first responders are helping with that cleanup effort and assisting residents like one woman who had to be wheeled out of her home. the area was under a tornado warning at the time. 30 homes suffered damage, portions of schools in that area also hit. some classes canceled today as clowned -- towns spend the day cleaning up. jason: you can track this severe weather on your smart phone or tablet by downloading the wesh 2
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-- whether app . people in a local community are in disbelief after a mother and daughter were found dead. michelle: the two were found dead on santa barbara road near pine hills road. a man left the home early monday morning and found their bodies when he returned. both had from a to their bodies but investigators say there were no signs of forced entry and they are not confirming whether they are looking for a killer. one woman says her cousin was the man who found the body. she claims he was happily dating the older victim. the names of the victims have not been released. jason: we are working to learn more about a crash that severely injured one person last night in orlando. a man was hit on west colonial
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night west of obt. -- 6:30 last night west of obt. it is still unclear if he was the driver or any drivers -- charges have been filed. michelle: 17-year-old morgan mcneill will be sentenced as a juvenile after pleading guilty to murder and attempted murder. police say she and her boyfriend were stopped by a trooper in cocoa in december. they opened fire on the trooper, who shot back, killing him. the trooper who was shot was awarded the medal of valor and as hp' ' s purple heart. jason: travis pierce is set to enter a plea on arson and burglary charges. he was arrested accused of setting two fires.
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arson and fraud for fires set in lancaster county, pennsylvania. michelle: investigators say 39-year-old jason roddick or' s body was found yesterday morning near cocoa. investigators found small pieces of the vehicle which could help lead them to the driver. >> like i say, i would hate to be the person that did that. you have got to live with that the rest of your life. even if you get away with it. you have still got to live with it. michelle: the highway patrol believes the vehicle involved is a light gray chrysler with damage to a headlight and turn signal. this becomes -- comes as they begin an awareness campaign. jason: a vigil for a 13-year-old
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fisher -- lavardo fisher died. the boy' s cousin was playing with a gun on a hoverboard when he lost his balance and it fired. the gun owner was arrested. michelle: this morning has been busy for meteorologists in the weather center. jason: there is still the potential that we could see some severe weather. let' s get over to amy sweezey. still strong storms in southern brevard county. amy: severe thunderstorm warning in effect for southern brevard county. once we make it through this, we are done with not only the severe threat but also the rain. it is going to be clearing out and temperatures will climb. it is going to be a warm and quiet day once we make it through the next hour and a half. still some rain on the backside of this and a whole lot of
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seminole and orange, you have some rain after stronger storms rolled through earlier and southern brevard is where we have a severe warning that remains in effect. no tornado warning anymore but these winds have been clocked at 60 miles per hour. does look like it is starting to weaken a little bit and it is going to be moving off the coast as we continue to monitor the heavy showers and also quite a little bit of lightning as well. melbourne and palm bay dealing with these lightning storms. watch how it sends everything offshore by about 7:00 a.m.. we only have to deal with showers and storms for the next couple of hours and then the clouds start to break apart and we end up with at least some sunshine as we clear things out from north to south. it is going to be warm, we don' t have a nice blast of cold air behind this rain. we are headed near 80 and we
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michelle: thank you so much. jason: we are keeping a close eye on that heavy rain. it is moving through central florida right now. michelle: several counties still under a tornado watch and severe storms rolling through south rivard county right now. -- brevard county right now. jason: the internet is buzzing
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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jason: continuing to keep a close eye on the tornado watch issued for the southernmost counties of central florida. you are looking at our doppler radar and we are going to check back in with amy and eric. we have coverage all morning. michelle: the two were found at their home on center -- santa barbara drive.
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jason: it is deadline day if you want to vote in next months presidential primary. only voters registered as a democrat or republican can cast a ballot. today, you will be hearing a lot about last night ramey awards. -- grammy awards. brett: we are going to show you for of the top moments, beginning with a dele and a bit of an audio issue. >> take me by the hand. brett: it is tough to tell there, but she is singing "all i can ask" and she was encountering sound issues. one of her tweets i can' t read you on television but this one i can.
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to an in and out." maybe it was worth it. another big story, taylor swift walking away a triple winner and while accepting album of the year, calling out kanye west during her speech. last week, kanye made some -- caused some backlash. a tribute by lady gaga to david going through nine different time periods of bowie. a huge night for kendrick lamar. a couple other notes, mark ronson want -- one record of the year. other noble -- notable names, but were absent from the show,
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lauryn hill. michelle: construction crews in the mexican city of juarez are preparing for a visit from pope francis. the city was once known as one of the most violent in the world. the pope will be holding mass tomorrow. many are hoping his visit will rebuild popular areas in the city that have been devastated by drug violence. >> it is a call for all the communities around florida as -- juarez. >> the visit will be the pope' s last day in mexico before he returns to the vatican. jason: the father of the man who armed -- organized an armed citizen -- six in in oregon. his son, ammon bundy was rest -- arrested following his
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others were taken into custody. one was killed. michelle: we have had a busy weather morning here. look at this live shot. raindrops on the lens. jason: this is looking south into brevard county, where we have a severe thunderstorm warning. what are you tracking? amy: the thunderstorm warning is the only thing we have that is severe. we had a tornado warning that has expired. it is basically southern brevard county that we need to monitor closely. that means, if you are getting your kids to school this morning, it is just brevard county where we are dealing with those storms. keep them inside for another half hour-45 minutes. the only thing that is left is rain. if you don' t live in southern brevard, send your kids to
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we are mostly cloudy and everything is quiet and calm and temperatures anywhere from 57 north and west to 67 in southern brevard. i believe that as soon as this line of storms gets off the coast of rivard county, brevard and osceola will be dropped from the low -- the watch. south florida may stay under the watch longer because of the line of severe storms that is going to be heading through their. we are almost done with this. that warning is in effect for southern brevard county. the rest of us not only done with storms, a lot of us done with rain. we have just got clouds for marion county, sumter lake, flagler, volusia, spotty showers in parts of orange county, but it is southern brevard where we have that warning. this storm is collapsing.
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still some strong winds inside melbourne and quite a bit of heavy rain as well. all of the twisting winds are offshore out over the ocean. no more threat for the tornadoes in northern brevard county which we had earlier this morning. we are dropping a little in ocala. 55, the rain has come to an end. 69 in melbourne. a lot more cloud cover behind this rain. look at how it takes that rain offshore. we had a beautiful, quiet day. it has been an early-morning thing as storms. better for today. we will even have some son. later this afternoon. are ahead of the cold front, so once the cold front with cooler air.
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today. we still have time for these temperatures to climb into the mid-upper 70' s. tomorrow, we will be cooler than today. today will be another cool day today. maybe a few degrees warmer because we have sunshine. tomorrow we dropped into the mid 70' s, lower 70' s on thursday, still dry on friday with s and a beautiful weekend i had. -- i had. -- ahead. >> traffic trouble spot here on i-4, this is at conroy where we have a couple of lanes closed eastbound and westbound. you can see flashing lights that right now we do not have much volume. the traffic is getting through in both directions here.
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no delays except for on i-4 , only adding one extra minute so nothing major for you. a dump truck flies off an overpass in central florida.
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jason: what spokesbox: go paperless, don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need safe driver accident-free everybody put your flaps
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>> welcome back to wesh 2 news sunrise. we have been dealing with severe weather this morning. the only place that is still affected is south brevard county. there is a thunderstorm warning in effect. we are waiting for showers and storms to move off the coast. we have a beautiful day in the day ahead. we are going to check with first in a few minutes. jason: a garbage truck flew off of interstate 95 and landed in a park in miami. the truck smashed through a highway. from that apartment complex. the driver has serious injuries .
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michelle: a man in palm beach through a dead fish into the ocean and several sharks come to the surface. you can see one of the sharks even tries to take a bite out of the go pro camera recording this video. it looks like there are more than a dozen sharks in the water. jason: next at 5:30, candidates stepping up their attacks on the campaign trail. michelle: what candidates are doing to gain support ahead of the next contests in south carolina and nevada. amy: a severe thunderstorm warning until 5:45. a tornado watch for brevard and osceola counties. we will talk about it and tell you what is in store for the
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you are watching wesh 2g you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... standing by for fun. announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: a busy weather morning right now on sunrise. a severe thunderstorm warning issued for central florida and the major storm system makes its way through.
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doppler and that rain, it really does form that line with all that red severe action there. amy sweezey is going to tell you --. watching for the severe weather. amy is here helping you get out the door on this tuesday morning. what we need to know? amy: we have the storms, we have these big winds, heavy rains as well, even some light rains too. a tornado watch in effect for brevard and osceola counties until 8 a.m.. we have already had polk county dropped from the watch. we have strong storms, even a tornado warning a couple hours ago four parts of central florida and now that threat has come to an end. the worst of that weather is
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the leading edge of the red , it is almost gone from southern brevard county and behind it, we have cloud cover. our cold front is not here yet. our cold front means behind the showers and storms, we have clouds, son, warm temperatures and finally cooler, drier air tomorrow. we are still dealing with the storms in southern brevard. the severe thunderstorm warning is in effect until 5:45 but we may see this canceled early here. the heavy rain is in the corner of southern brevard county and the northern edge is offshore. we may get that warning canceled. we are done with the rain now. no more rain for marion county, sumter, lake, volusia, flagler.
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we will get rid of the storms and then the rain. we will start to see some clearing with some sunshine later today. the worst of the weather, where we have the tornado warning in effect within the overnight hours a couple of hours ago. we are at the tail end if you are just waking up of this severe system rolling through. alice villareal is out and about and she has been taking a look for some of that storm damage. alex? alex: driving on 95 south in brevard county, you are seeing the rain is still coming down. we have wipers going at full the. >> we seem to be having trouble with alice villareal.
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here other traffic situations we are dealing with right now. i for conroy, there is an accident. traffic is getting through because not a lot of activity at this hour. i-4 and polk parkway, police are investigating an overnight accident in that area. your travels beats through the metro area, everything seems to be moving smoothly. jason: cleanup begins today after this apparent tornado struck in the panhandle. michelle: homes were destroyed and families are without power. no one was seriously hurt. brett connolly joins us. brett: the weather service confirms a twister hit the panhandle but also parts of mississippi and alabama are reporting damage like this. we are seeing damage extensive throughout that area. we have seen roofs ripped off.
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a few injuries were reported. power lines were drowned -- downed and hundreds were left without power. sifting through what is left behind from the powerful winds. this area was under a tornado warning at the time, so residents had some time to seek coverage. they were -- that does not mean they were able to escape. one woman pulled from the rubble. she was thanking crews for saving her life. we are going to have a lot more coming up. jason: a local community is in disbelief after a mother and daughter were found that inside their orange county home. michelle: the two were discovered on santa barbara road near finds hill road -- finds hill road.
5:36 am
-- pines hill road. one woman we spoke with said her cousin is the man who found the bodies. she claims the man was happily dating the older victim. >> he might' ve seen them when they got close to them. michelle: the names have not been released. mechanics for silver airlines are looking into a fire that roque out on the tarmac of orlando international airport. flames appeared. the blaze was quickly put out. all nine passengers and three crew members were not hurt. jason: a death penalty hearing for titusville man charged in a deadly shooting in 2012. william would work, who can be
5:37 am
-- william would word -- woodward unsuccessfully tried to argue he was standing his ground. county leaders will be hearing from the department of health and mosquito control. both explain their plans to keep the mosquito population at bay. no mosquitoes in the u.s. have tested positive for zika. michelle: the next contests in south carolina in nevada are days away. nikole killion is in washington with the latest plus new poll numbers. >> as the candidates slugging it out, donald trump running away with the lead as he takes on his closest rival, donald trump with 35 compared to 18 for ted cruz and marco rubio. jeb bush is in single digits.
5:38 am
former president george w. bush. the fight between trump and cruise is only -- cruz is only intensifying. trump says he will sue cruz unless crews -- cruz stops running false ads. michelle: coverage continues online with adrian whitsett heading to south carolina. you can always get the latest updates inside . it is deadline day if you want to vote in next month' s primary. florida is a closed primary state, meaning only citizens registered with parties can cast a ballot. many supervisors say they are seeing an increase in the number of people who have switched their party affiliation. that proves florida voters want a voice. florida'
5:39 am
jason: turning to syria. nearly 50 people are dead and many more are hurt after attacks on hospitals and schools. many victims are children. agreements seeking to end the syrian civil war. he is calling the attacks a blatant violation of international laws. michelle: today is your chance to have orlando mayor buddy dyer anson -- answer your questions. having these conversations is critical to moving the city forward. the event gets underway at 6:30 tonight. >> in first alert weather, we have been monitoring severe weather. there is a warning. michelle: we want to get to amy sweezey.
5:40 am
they may cancel it earlier . still some strong storms in southern brevard county. it is almost off the coast. we had a tornado warning earlier this morning. the worst of the weather is offshore and moving very quickly away from us. now it is light rain toward the coast and back to the west of i-4, the rain is gone. a whole lot of clouds left, a threat of severe weather is ending soon. even though we have this thunderstorm warning in effect for five more minutes. there is less red showing up on the map here. still some gusty winds stretching from south of cocoa beach all the way down through sebastian inlet. to the north and west, we are done with not only the storms. the rain as well. a few showers along the turnpike and everything rolling very quickly. we will end up with a nice day
5:41 am
it will be downright warm today with the sunshine and the wind still coming in out of the west-southwest. cold front will make it through later today and that is where our temperatures will climb. umbrellas if you are leaving to the south, but the rest of you are done with the rain and you won' t need those umbrellas for today. >> i-4 eastbound at state road 417, we have a crash. we are not seeing major delays there. we could start seeing traffic begin to build. i-4 conroy road , two lanes blocked but so far just a few break lights. traffic is still getting by on the right. let' s show travel times now, where we are seeing no delays through the 408 and i-4. jason: the el faro ship
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michelle: was it negligence or was the ship already in trouble? jason: a million-dollar mess. one local mansion. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work.
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michelle: you are taking a look at our doppler radar. we still have showers and storms off the coast of brevard county, but right now is severe thunderstorm warning is expiring at 5:45. once this rain is moving out of our area, we are going to have a nice day on our hands. jason: families of the 33 people who died when a cargo ship went down in a hurricane are hoping for answers. michelle: the coast guard is holding a 10 day hearing on el faro. brett: the hearing working to essentially answer two big questions. what led up to this accident, and was there any wrongdoing by crew members on board that may have led to this tragedy?
5:46 am
and ran into hurricane joaquin last october. the ship was discovered 15,000 feet below sea level. search crews are still looking for that lack box recorder. they have got another trip planned. the u.s. coast guard has come under scrutiny and the agency will be the focus of the hearings as well. the ntsb will conduct their own interviews into the erect -- the rack. -- the wreck. michelle: we are waiting to find out if the body of a woman discovered on lake okeechobee is able odor who went missing. -- a boater who went missing. an autopsy will confirm if it is 62-year-old diane ross -- russ
5:47 am
jason: a million-dollar windemere mansion now looks like this after it was trashed by vandals. the home went into foreclosure back in december. vandals covered the home in red spray paint and satanic symbols. floors and fixtures are destroyed. that cost code -- caused code enforcement officers to condemn the home. it is under contract for 325 thousand dollars. >> you think who would do that? it is a shame we have to see the -- it. jason: we were not able to reach the current or previous owner. michelle: the city of winter park will inform voters about a movement to build a new public libraries. -- library.
5:48 am
luther king jr. park. the project will cost $35 million. >> after a busy morning for our weather team, it is after 4:00 this morning. things are calming down. amy: we had a tornado watch, then a tornado warning, and we were seeing rotation on the radar. warnings all expired now . no more warnings in effect. we still have a watch in effect but counties are getting dropped from this quickly. brevard and osceola will be dropped shortly. the tornado threat will be in south florida toward okeechobee and stewart, west palm beach. in central florida, these counties are going to get dropped early because the threat is moving off the coast. quite a bit of red showing up in
5:49 am
a cold front is going to roll through not until later today. all these showers and storms ahead of this front as it rolls through, and then we will get the cooler air but not during the day today. we will be quite warm but we will start to see some sunshine. most of central florida has a lot of clouds right now. we are just now getting those storms off the coast of brevard county. that severe thunderstorm warning that was in effect did expire at 5:45. still some heavy rain and gusty winds in melbourne and palm bay along i-95 over toward a1a and down towards sebastian inlet. big difference again today, but it is only a 10 degree difference versus 20 that we had yesterday. 65 in melbourne, warmer in the spots where we have the clouds and we have those winds out of
5:50 am
we -- once that rain moves out, we are done and we see some cooler, drier air starting to filter in. we break apart the cloud cover get sunshine, and tomorrow the cooler air will start moving in and we will wake up much cooler. the cold front comes through, we will clear things out after our storm. sunshine will hope those temperatures climb -- help those temperatures climb into the upper 70' s. 79 in orlando and 81 in melbourne. we will hit 80, well above average and warmer than we were yesterday. with wind out of the southwest for the first part of the day shifting to the west as the front slides through but getting some sunshine. in mid-february, a little bit of sun is all we need. tomorrow we are sunny and warm.
5:51 am
high pressure will start to dominate our weather pattern for the rest of the week. temperatures cool down tomorrow, but start creeping back up into thursday and friday. humidity levels low. a nice week ahead. by friday, we will be in the mid-70' s which is on track a with where -- with where we are supposed to be. we will get cooler temperatures on thursday morning. our coolest afternoon, you will notice. lower 70' s for highs on thursday. michelle: let' s give people a look out on the roadway. conway, one left lane is blocked. before, we were seeing traffic move. more people get out on the roadways. lots of brake lights through these areas. i-4 at polk parkway, police are investigating an accident.
5:52 am
this is south of town, looks like things are moving up to speed in this area. jason: just as the force awakens mania died down, disney is reigniting that craze. michelle: the star wars cast announcement causing a frenzy online. >> the soccer players set their sights on ol
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every ship in the caribbean but hurry, this offer won't last long come seek the royal caribbean book today at 1-800-royalcaribbean. jason: you are looking at a rainy view of melbourne. raindrops on the lens of this camera. we have seen some strong storms. those warnings of severe weather have settled down. we are out of that warning. we are still seeing slick roads. the skies and that rain continues for longer. we will get an update straight ahead on sunrise. are buzzing tournament in texas. michelle: the u.s. finished the
5:55 am
team usa wraps up with a win in friday' s semi final round. their opponent has not yet been named. jason: disney announcing new cast members for star wars episode eight laura dern, but he still deltona a, and kelly marie tran. -- benicia odell tauro -- benicc io del toro. jason: a new fire truck in orange county. michelle: it carries on the memory of carl and triano. -- carl andriano. a plaque reads 30 strong in honor of andrea
5:56 am
>> heavy rain moving through our area this morning. michelle: here is what we are looking at for 6:00. brett: a tornado ripping through parts of florida. damage left behind and a look at the areas hit hardest. >> no more warnings in effect for central florida. tornado warning gone, and the tornado watch will be dropped here shortly. a full update on what is in store for the rest of your tuesday now that those storms are pushing away.
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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. jason: overnight, several local counties were hit with severe weather, a messy mix of rain and wind pounded central florida. it is now on its way out. >> that system rate having in the panhandle. jason: coverage tracking what you will face. michelle: it has been a busy night.


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